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I assist you on your path towards Authentic Empowerment by developing your intuition, activating your highest self, and supporting your biggest dreams. 

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I would not be where I am today without my healers, readers, and mentors. It's taken me most of my 20s to heal my childhood (or what was ready to be), believe in myself, and begin to build the life of my dreams. This would not have been possible without saying yes to help. This would not be possible without choosing to believe in me. 

That is what I want for you, too. To know it's okay to receive, be supported, give yourself time to heal, and then take action through authentic empowerment to your greatest potential. 

You have everything you need inside of you. Sometimes, it just takes gentle support to get to where you're meant to be. That's where I come in! 


"Investing in myself through her program was hands down the best thing that I could have done for myself and my family.  There is a whole world of adventure waiting for you!"

The Bright You:



"She channels seamlessly with love and compassion. It was an absolute delight and I highly recommend her."

Akashic Record reading: 

Meli G. 

Opening Your Wings: Guide to Inner Child Healing. A 7 week go at your own pace course. 


60 min Akashic Record Readings to speak to your spirit guides. Esoteric Healing Treatments for deep soul healing. 

1:1 sessions


Ways to Grow Together

“It takes courage to heal, and courage to keep going.”

You need a check in with your soul & spirit guides. Need extra healing support. 


Akashic records 

Akashic Record Readings
Esoteric Energy Healing Sessions 

1:1 Sessions 

esoteric healing 
Esoteric HEaling
Akashic Records

You're ready to commit to changing your life. You're ready for deeper self exploration. 



A 12 week transformational journey. I'd be honored to be your spiritual life coach. 

The Bright You 


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Open Your Wings: Guide to Inner Child Healing. 


You feel the call to hold space for your inner child. 

"Brittany has a gift to communicate in such a powerful, yet very gentle and uplifting way. She is so connected, and full of wisdom and light; her work is a precious gift. She speaks the language of souls. Straight to the heart.There wasn't any room for judgement. Brittany took to heart, and really helped me decipher some of the messages by following up with questions that I couldn’t think of myself at the time, to dive deeper. With that, she’s brought so much clarity, and profound spiritual insights. I’ve received exactly the messages I needed to receive.”

Roeun P. 

"Brittany is one of the most talented readers I've ever had the honor of working with. Within the first few minutes of the reading, I was in tears, touched by her connection to my soul's purpose and journey. Question after question was answered with profound insight."

Noah P. 

"I had the most beautiful feeling of peace, joy, and healing when I had my session with Brittany. Even within the first few minutes of speaking with her, I felt a calmness sweep over me and a shift in my energy. Her empathy, kindness of spirit, and wisdom shine through her. It was a truly beautiful experience."

Ana M. 

"My session with Brittany was like a deep sigh of relief. I felt tension leave my body. Weight had been lifted off my chest after gaining so much clarity about things I have been wondering for a long time. When the session ended I finally felt connected to my soul in a way I haven’t felt, maybe ever. The things Brittany picked up about my life gave me goosebumps! I’ve already implemented some of the advice I received from my guides and it’s been amazing! I feel more confident on my life path and over all. Brittany has such a calming, bright, loving and professional energy. I was blown away by this experience and will be booking another Akashic record reading as as I can! I loved it!"

Heather P. 


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