All living beings have an energy field that permeates and surrounds them. This is commonly known as the etheric field or auric body. There are four layers to the etheric field: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. This energy healing practice focuses on the seven body chakras as well as the five higher chakras. 

Being in good health, energy flows throughout the body. Being in ill health, there are energetic blockages/restrictions within the auric field. Using energy balancing techniques, Esoteric Healing gently restores the client's auric field. The client is not physically touched. Every session is personalized to your unique needs. This is a practice anyone can learn to help heal themselves and others. There are eight levels/classes of Esoteric Healing offered through the National Association of Esoteric Healing and International Network of Esoteric Healing. 

Esoteric Healing is not limited to the physical body, but affects the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies as well. Esoteric Healing may be beneficial for a wide variety of illness and discomfort. Such as: overall imbalance, overall energetic heaviness, aura clearing, chronic illness, sadness, depression, anxiety, past-life healing, relationship healing, fertility assistance, PTSD, emotional stress, mental stress, and so much more. 

What to Expect During a Session

After a brief client history and initial intake, you will sit or lay down fully relaxed. A session may cause deep relaxation and possibly sleep. While you relax, I will ask your soul's permission to proceed with the healing session. Everyone is on their soul journey and at unique stages in life. Every session will be different and modified depending on your needs. It is normal to feel emotions and to have memories come up for you during a session. All of which are ready to be healed or let go of.  Once the hour long session is completed, I will email you your post session notes. We will then discuss the session with any appropriate feedback. 

What to Expect After Your Session 

Over the next few days notice the thoughts, emotions, and memories you are having. Let these be brought up as a way of cleaning your auric field. Let yourself relax and practice great self-care. Feel free to discuss these changes with me or keep them private. Followup sessions may be scheduled as often as you feel they are needed. I recommend one session at least once a month for optimal results. It's the opportune time for self-care. Be open to receiving all the beautiful opportunities life has in store for you.

Energetic Anatomy 

Esoteric Healing 

In this session, Brittany connects to your inner child during the age range you provide. The Esoteric Healing works directly with those ages, and will affect you today (as you are not one without the other).

Types of Esoteric Healing Sessions

This is a general Esoteric Healing session. Brittany connects to your soul and invites in your guides and healers. Gently using energy healing techniques, she will asses and offer balance to areas of restricted flow in your energetic anatomy.  

This is an Esoteric Healing session for your beloved fur baby! Yes, energy healing works on animals too. They usually cuddle and sleep during the hour they are receiving. 

This is an Esoteric Healing session for children the ages 17 and under. Parent/Guardian permission is required for this session. 

Esoteric Healing 

Inner Child  Healing 

Child Esoteric Healing 

Pet Esoteric Healing 

Kristen A

Avery R 

Jennifer H

Meli G

During and after the Esoteric healing session, I felt a physical and energetic shift in my body. Places in my body that felt dense, now felt light. I am forever grateful for this beautiful healing session and CAN NOT WAIT for another healing session soon. Thank you thank you thank you, Brittany!

Brittany gave me the most thorough esoteric healing I have ever received. She covers everything — mental, emotional, physical, spiritual — and she knows her stuff like the back of her hand. I’ve been having IBS for the past 20+ years and right after our session I felt lighter and better. She took the time to explain everything to me (anatomy, chakras, emotions, etc.) and sent me a lengthy email so I can refer to what has been done. I’m already looking forward to my next healing with her! 

The healing session literally fixed a physical ailment I had; it removed a tingling feeling in a joint I had every day for nine months prior, which was so uncomfortable. This feeling hasn’t returned, and it’s been six months now since the session. Brittany is such a beautiful, genuine soul, and I recommend her services to everyone I know. Even my extremely skeptical husband has been blown away by so many of the things Brittany has said and done for me

Esoteric Healing left me feeling much more aligned in the moment, but the renewed energy and clearer mind that continued to develop over the following weeks was remarkable. Brittany was able to uncover a past-life experience during my reading that needed healing, and through my Esoteric Healing, completely altered a physical issue I have dealt with my entire life. I'm so grateful to Brittany for sharing her gifts in this way - thank you so much!

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