Tips for a Spiritual Awakening

Today on Guidance From Within, I want to talk to you about some things I would do differently at the very beginning of my spiritual awakening journey. I want to give you some helpful support. If this is you and you are beginning your spiritual journey, maybe you can resonate with some. Listen to Guidance […]

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How I Channel Energy as an Energy Healer and Akashic Record Reader

It all began at the age of 14 and was a 10 year journey. Listen to Guidance From Within – Spiritual Podcast – on the following streaming services I am so excited for this episode today because I want to talk to you about how I channel energy. I think it’s a question I get […]

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OYW is a safe space to heal with your inner child and move forward in authentic empowerment. 

OYW is a safe space to heal with your inner child and move forward in authentic empowerment. 

Open Your Wings: Journey to inner child healing


Whether you feel like you've left your childhood behind too soon, experienced events that caused you to grow up too fast, or feel ready to heal wounds you have previously preferred to push away. 

I'm Brittany. I hold space for clients from all around the world in 1:1 Energy healing sessions. When I'm not in a healing session, you'll find me behind the lens of your photoshoot or painting my heart out in my studio. 

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Looking for a quick go-to Chakra Guide? Download this one for free! I've spent over ten years working with the main seven body chakras and I am excited to share some of that knowledge with you. 

BONUS: this PDF also includes my top tip for developing your sensitivity to your auric field. 

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This free download includes my favorite journaling prompts to help you discover your passions and purpose(s). It's a beautiful process to get to know yourself and explore your interests! 

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