3 Lessons of an Old Soul

An old soul is quite literally a soul who has been incarnating here on the earthly plane for a long time. We have seen some things, done a lot of things, and we know our way around the block, right? We’ve got the hang of this whole reincarnation thing.

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 Today I want to talk to you about something really fun, and it’s about the life of an old soul.

It’s about living the life of an old soul whole and some lessons I’ve learned along the way before I dive into being an old soul and what that really means. If you’d like to hear more from me and Guidance From Within podcasts and you want to join this community, please subscribe. And if you’re on YouTube, definitely subscribe to this channel so you can be informed about more of these episodes. All right, so let’s dive in. So what is an old soul?

What does it mean to be an old soul?

Well, for me, an old soul is quite literally a soul who has been incarnating here on the earthly plane for a long time. We have seen some things, done a lot of things, and we know our way around the block, right? We’ve got the hang of this whole reincarnation thing. We have a really good grasp of what we’re here to do, and we’re on our journey to deepening the experience of being human on the earthly plane with the awareness of a soul. If you’re going through a spiritual awakening journey, welcome to the Old Soul club.

I totally think that you’re an old soul if you’re having a spiritual awakening, so welcome here. I would like to dive deeper into some lessons I’ve learned as an old soul and kind of give you some stories behind where these lessons come from.

the number one lesson I learned as an old soul

So the number one first lesson I’ve learned being an old soul here is you never have to force life in your favor. It’s all about your vibration. There have been many times in my life where I kept forcing what I had desired to come to me.

I kept struggling because I wasn’t getting what I wanted. I was really focused on why I wasn’t getting the thing I wanted and the blocks and really having a difficult time seeing what I wanted just out of my reach, just out of my grasp. And over time, I learned that it’s not so much about being on the path to obtaining that goal, but it’s actually so much about, are you embodying the vibration of obtaining the goal that you want? And I’ll give you an example. A lot of my life, I grew up in poverty.

My family never had money. My family, who adopted me when I was ten, didn’t have a lot of money, and there were a lot of gaping wounds around money and abundance in general. So as a young adult I mean, I’m still a young adult, I’m only 27. But as a young, young adult, I kept seeing the external world and money just as a difficult thing to obtain. You’d always have to fight for it, work for it, sweat for it, cry for it.

I mean, money was just this gray cloud looming over my head at every point in turn. And I’m not going to say I’m totally healed from an abundance wound. I’m not totally healed from my fear of having a lack of money. Things ebb and flow. We heal through an ebb and flow state.

There are layers to all aspects of our healing. However, in 2020, a huge shift occurred. Collectively, a huge shift occurred for everyone, including myself. And that year, I decided that money was going to come to me because I was going to embrace the vibration of money. I was no longer going to feel the absence of money, but I chose to start feeling the vibration of an abundance of money in my life.

I even have a Lakshmi poster, which is considered a goddess of money. And I look at her, I look at Lakshmi, I look at the poster, and I am just grateful for the abundance of money in my life. I’m no longer reaching and grasping for money, but I’ve realized that whenever I make the most money in my life, it’s when I’m doing the things I love, and it’s when I’m not thinking about it. I’m just embracing the vibration of it. So if that helps you around money, I hope so.

That is the first lesson I learned. You never have to force life in your favor. It’s all about your vibration. How far are you willing to change and fine tune your vibration, the vibration that you are admitting to the world in order to attract the things that you want and the things that your soul is leading you to have? It’s actually a whole lot easier than sometimes we allow it to be.

the second lesson i learned as an old soul

Number two, communication with Divine is all around us. When you have a spiritual awakening and you realize you’re an old soul, one thing you’ll realize is that communication with Divine is everywhere. It is in nature, it is within other people. It is within the music we hear and the podcasts we listen to. It is within the random objects we find when we’re taking a walk or strolling on the beach.

Divine is speaking to us in an unlimited amount of ways. There are signs everywhere that you are not alone. You are always supported. You are divinely supported only if you wish to pay attention to it and to see it. That is number two.

And I’ll give you an example.

The next time you are walking down the road, how many different birds do you see? How many different animals come across your path? To me, these are all signs from Divine. I say this about animals because just a couple of days ago, I was looking out a window randomly. I just felt called to go look out this window.

Following my intuition, gazed out the blinds of the window, and in the backyard, two bunnies were hopping around each other, running at each other, running away, running back to each other, running away. And funny enough, bunnies are a spirit animal for me. They’ve helped guided me in a lot of different aspects of my life. And I saw these two bunnies, so happy, playing around each other, just doing this really fun dance. I had never seen two bunnies interact.

I’ve only ever seen one cross my path. So I take that as a great sign from divine that the direction I am heading in in life is totally clear, totally abundant, and in alignment with my soul. The next time you’re in nature, what do you see? What are you observing? And then can you do a little bit of detective work or maybe some intuition work that helps you decipher the sign itself?

Number three I have learned as an old soul that we are powerful, but we are also loving beings. Nothing is unattainable if we will it, right? Nothing is unattainable if we really go after what we want, you will have it. When I say we are powerful, but I also say we are loving, I truly mean that. I think humans have lost their way in the sense of we’ve learned.

We know that with willpower we can create whatever we want in this world. But sometimes not everyone has willpower that is rooted in the good and rooted in divine willpower can be used to manipulate, to gain control and can be used by the ego to really gain things that are maybe material or money or even the politicians who are digging up the earth and hurting the earth and hurting the climate. They’re doing it through their willpower. That is a show of power and a show of will. However, there are us.

There are the ones who are really these light beings holding space as old souls, going through our spiritual initiations, going through our spiritual awakening that are using our willpower for divine good. We have the opportunity to use our divine willpower, either for selfish gain, right? Like we know a lot of humans here are doing that, or we have the opportunity and the choice to use our willpower for the good, to use our willpower for things that are joyful and beautiful and things that are of service to the Earth and to those who live among it. Your willpower is so vast and unending that you can truly create the life that you want. And more will come to you on that journey if it is rooted and aligned with your soul, with what your soul’s journey is as well.

And I want to talk about us being loving beings, because some of us, when we are so deeply rooted in our willpower, we forget that our nature is to love. It is much easier to be in a state of love than it is to force ourselves and be in a state that is in disharmony. We actually work really hard as a society to be in a state of disharmony. It’s convenient when you think about the food we eat, the actions we take, the habits we are. It is like we’re constantly forcing ourselves into these molds that greater society has for us.

But when you, at the end of the day, come back into your center and tune into the love that is flowing freely through you, it is much easier for you to choose options in front of you that have the vibration of love.

the third lesson i learned as an old soul

Okay, number three, we are powerful and loving beings. Nothing is unattainable if we will it. You are powerful and there is nothing wrong with your power. Sometimes when we hear the word power, especially willpower, we think negatively about it. We think about politicians and we think about those around us who are in their ego power, who are just causing destruction, or who are taking and taking and taking with their willpower.

For us, for old souls, for those of us going through a spiritual awakening, we realize that our divine willpower is sacred and it can be used really as a benefit. Our willpower can be used to be of service. Our willpower can and will be used to create a better world. So just know there’s nothing wrong with the power inside of you if you choose to use it to be of service and for your highest good, you can change the world and make a really positive impact with your divine willpower. The other side of this is you are a loving being.

There is so much love. There is so much love that flows freely within you, from you to your soul to source every day. If we tap into our love and we tap into our divine willpower and combine the two, nothing that you want in life is unattainable. When we are directed forward by willpower through divine and directed forward with divine love, there is nothing we can’t accomplish. And truly, we can change the world with these two forces.

We can change the world for the better. So knowing that you’re ready to embrace your divine power, you’re ready to embrace your divine love, how can that change your life? Really? Notice it. Notice your power.

Notice that it comes from a greater loving source for you and see how it can work in your life and change your life as you go about your day-to-day.

Are you an old soul? And do you have any sort of lessons you’ve learned as an old soul? Please comment that lesson.

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