Being the Spiritual Black Sheep of the Family

How being different from your family is filled with soul lessons to live your highest good.

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What is the spiritual black sheep?

This week on Guidance From Within, I want to talk to you about some lessons I’ve learned being the spiritual black sheep of the family. And I know many of you can relate to this, feeling like you’re so different from your biological family, feeling like your family may not understand you and maybe you don’t understand them. And there are a lot of reasons why this might be the case.

For me, the spiritual black sheep of the family is the person in the family that has never quite fit in with the family unit itself. Maybe you are that person and you disagree with your family’s ethics, spiritual beliefs, ideals, their lifestyle and habits. Maybe you disagree with the way that they think or the actions that they take.

And quite simply, sometimes we can’t put our finger on what makes us different. We just know we don’t feel 100% our best, and we don’t feel like we 100% resonate with our family or our caretakers. And that is what I experienced. I am an old soul born into a young soul family. I am an old soul and a star seed born into a family, biological family, where there is a lot of trauma, there are a lot of bad habits, and there are a lot of closed-minded individuals that have not yet really started a spiritual journey.

And you know what? I don’t blame them for that. I understand that their souls are on their own unique journey, and so is mine. So what did I decide to do? I decided as I grew into adulthood, to make the decision to always choose my heart, to always choose my intuition, and to always choose myself.

To guide the way. You know what’s best for you at the end of the day, just like I know what is best for me at the end of the day. Especially if we are tapped into our divine will. Especially if we are tapped into our own heart space. We are the captains of our own ships.

And sometimes that looks like creating boundaries with a family that really doesn’t support us, that really kind of maybe even naturally you and your family have a breakup. Maybe it’s natural that the boundaries you set with your family just lead you on a totally different path. And what I believe is that it’s meant to be that way. You are meant to carve your own path in the world, especially if you’re the black sheep of your family and you don’t fit in. And you might be asking how can I really take that leap and live my own path while kind of taking myself away from my family or putting up a boundary with my family.

Living your highest good is for the highest good of all.

What I will say to this is that living your life in authentic, in an authentic way that supports who you truly are and supports your soul-led life will automatically inspire and motivate and lift up your family. You do not have to be a slave to your family. You do not have to always dim your light to be of service. You absolutely don’t have to dim your light to be of service to your family. You can still love your family and support them by showing them a different way of life through the actions that you take yourself.

You can’t there’s a lot of power in that. There are a few reasons why your soul may have incarnated into a family that our younger souls are into a family where not a lot of family members have had a spiritual awakening journey. One of the reasons is that your life lesson is probably to find your own power. If one lesson you’ve come into this life with or one sort of checkmark on the list of your soul to do list as you incarnate into this life, it might be that you stand strong on your own 2ft and that you find your power within you, that divine power that will hold you and carry you throughout your entire journey. And in order to really embrace your own authentic divine power.

Sometimes that looks like being born into a family that quite honestly may not recognize the soul that you are or may not cherish you as the soul that you are. If you’re like me, you may have been born into a family that was very traumatic, a family filled with a lot of karma, a family filled with just a lot of really harsh experiences. A couple of those may look like verbal or mental abuse, which is often one of the same physical abuse and it may even look like poverty. So all of those you may resonate with or a few, but you’ll know that you are different when you envision your life differently than the life those around you envision for you. Your soul may have chosen to incarnate into really just a family that you don’t fit in with because you’re supposed to learn through that it is safe to shine your light.

The more that you shine your light and live in your own authenticity, the more that you can embrace all of who you are, and that light shining you walking your own path and shining your own soul light will absolutely ripple out and affect your family, it’ll affect them through your soul’s ancestral lineage. Oftentimes older souls and star seeds incarnate into a family lineage that has become kind of dark. A family lineage that is either struggling with poverty a family lineage that might have a lot of karma to clear up a family lineage that is really needing sort of a higher vibration within the family unit to trigger and to really ring the bells of memory for that family to help set them on a spiritual path. With your actions and the words that you use and living your light, you will be able to, even if it’s unconscious, give memory back to these souls who maybe have lost their way. So throughout all of that, throughout healing yourself, you are healing your family’s lineage, you are healing your family when it comes to you embracing your light.

standing strong in your divine power

You’ve probably incarnated as a soul because you needed to learn how to stand authentically on your own two feet and in your divine power, especially through a family that maybe doesn’t understand you or support you in that way. And number two, the more that you shine your light and heal yourself, the more that you’re going to heal your family’s lineage, and also you’ll help heal the souls that come after you in that lineage as well. Number three, I want to mention that when you honor your own personal truth, it is medicine for your soul. When you allow yourself to speak your truth and honor your own personal truth through the lifestyle that you live, you are singing the words of your soul, you are singing the heart of your soul.

You are living a life full of soul energy when you honor your authentic truth. And that may be triggering for your family, and that may be triggering for those around you. And just know that it’s all part of the divine plan. There’s a reason that you chose the family you chose. And the ones I mentioned before are probably only a few, and my guess is there are probably a few more that are unique to you personally as to why you chose the family that you did.

Whether it be a brother or a sister, you’ve had to clear up past life karmic ties with, whether it be parents in this life that you really needed to clear up past life ties with whatever that might have been. There are many reasons why you have become the black sheep, the spiritual black sheep of your family. And it is time for you to embrace your power. Let your soul shine through. Choose yourself at the end of the day, because honestly, choosing a path for your highest good is choosing a path for the highest good of all.

When you are living true to who you are, you then are doing the highest good for all those around you. That is divine truth. If you have any questions for me about this podcast episode, or if there’s anything that you’d like to discuss further, please email me heartofbrit@gmail.com.

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