Healing with St. Germain and the Violet Flame

How I found St. Germain and how I use the Violet Flame

Healing with St. Germain and The Violet Flame

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Today I wanted to talk to you about my spirit guide, the ascended master that I work with when I give energy healing sessions. 

I am talking about ascended master, St. Germain. St. Germain came to me when I was 14 in my very first energy healing class. And I didn’t really know much about spirit guides then.

Who is St. Germain?

I didn’t know much about Ascended Masters at all. I was just moving through the class to learn all the material, really, to learn the energy healing. But as I grew older and became a young adult, a lot of the signs that I were seeing around me were from St. Germain. If you don’t know what an ascended master is- a soul that had incarnated on this earthly plane and reached enlightenment to where that soul felt and their spirit guide felt enlightenment was achieved. I think that sort of varies depending on the soul.

St. Germain reached enlightenment, and then as he finished his incarnational journey here, I can actually feel his energy as I talk about him. As he finished his incarnational journey, he decided to stay here and be very closely tied with our journey and to be a guide for us who’s a spirit guide that helps so many people, whether they know it or not.

St. Germain helps many people heal. He helps many people channel and be open to higher frequency during their incarnations. And he helps me be a very effective energy healer. He helps me be a very effective reader, akashic record reader. So every time I give a session, I call him in to clear my energy, and I call him in to allow me to vibrate higher, to be of service to whatever client I’m working with.

He’s taught me a lot about the Violet Flame. St. Germain is the keeper of the Violet Flame. So if you’ve seen anything out there about the Violet Flame, this probably kind of resonates with you. The Violet Flame is a very high vibrational frequency that we can channel if we want or call upon it.

But here’s the thing. Usually you don’t want to channel or call upon the Violet Flame just out of nowhere. It’s no coincidence. What I think happens, this is my personal opinion, is St. Germain sort of initiates or goes to a soul who is ready to partner with him in the Violet Flame, and then they start to build a relationship together to work with that frequency. So I don’t think at age of 14, when I was in my first energy healing class, that I was channeling St. Germain or the Violet Flame.

But I do think that over time, as St. Germain has appeared to me in my channeling sessions and in my energy healing sessions. I’ve built a relationship with this ascended Master, and I’ve learned so much from him about the Violet Flame and how the Violet Flame can truly alchemize. It can raise vibration.

St. Germain and the violet Flame

What is the Violet Flame?

The Violet Flame can purify and cleanse some heavy energy that we sometimes hold on to. The Violet Flame can support depletions in your aura or in your chakra system to help your chakra system flow and come into harmony. The other thing the Violet Flame helps to support us with, if there is an area in our lives where we feel heavy or the energy feels heavy or we feel stuck, we can call on the Violet Flame to cleanse and move blockages throughout any area of our life. And I will give you an example. If you feel a lack of abundance in your life, or if you feel there’s a lack of a certain type of abundance in your life, whether it be a lack of money abundance, a lack of intimate partnership abundance. A lack of joy, a lack of abundance and joy in your life.

You can call on the violet flame in order to use that frequency in that part of your life to really move that heavier energy to Alchemize. And transform the heaviness in that area of your life so that it can be at a higher frequency and so that you yourself can start living at a higher frequency in those areas. I love talking about the Violet flame. I call in the Violet Flame with every energy healing session I do. It’s very potent.

It’s very powerful. I am still learning a lot from this master. I’m still learning a lot as I move through my own life lessons with this ascended master. There are many places to learn about St.Germain and the Violet Flame. Read more here on this topic. I am so excited for you to learn more about the Violet Flame. If this interests you at all, you are welcome to message me and ask me questions. Also, if you want to request that I use the Violet Flame in your esoteric energy healing session, just send me an email and we can definitely do that for you.

It is very powerful. Thank you for listening. If you enjoyed this conversation, please subscribe. Please share and let me know your thoughts in the comments. If you have any questions, please let me know.

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