How I Channel Energy as an Energy Healer and Akashic Record Reader

It all began at the age of 14 and was a 10 year journey.

Channeling energy healing and the Akashic Records

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I am so excited for this episode today because I want to talk to you about how I channel energy. I think it’s a question I get asked very often, and I think people are very curious to know.

I am an Esoteric Energy Healer, I channel very high frequencies to release blockages in the energetic body, your chakra system, and to heighten your vibration to allow your chakra system to come into harmony so that you can feel in harmony and more aligned with your soul. I love doing it. It’s one of my favorite things, and it’s something I love talking about.

My energy healing journey begins

I began channeling when I was 14. I began energy healing at that age. My grandmother taught me Esoteric healing. And so through childhood, through early adulthood, I was able to sort of learn what it felt like to channel frequencies from my body, to channel frequencies through my fingertips and my hands, through my third eye, and allow frequency higher divine frequency to really channel through my crown center. When I learned how to do all of these things, what happened was my spirit guides and my soul pushed me in the direction of learning how to channel the Akashic Records.

By the time I was 24, I was ready to start channeling spirit guides and ascended masters in a whole new way. So opening the Akashic Records felt very natural for me. It felt very at home for me. But the reason why is because I had had ten years prior of channeling higher vibrations by being an energy healer. So when we’re looking at channeling and we’re looking at channeling spirit guides, when we’re looking at being an energy healer, and when we’re looking at channeling higher vibrations, what I personally do is I want to find a sacred space in my heart.

Heart space is so important

I want to connect to the deepest, most purest points of who I am. Then I take that energy and I ground it into the Earth. What happens is, instead of just directly going up to source and up to Divine Source and asking our beautiful Angelic healers for support, I want to make sure that a part of me is grounded to really bring in those frequencies. So I then ground into the earth. And then what happens is I connect to my soul.

I want my soul to really flow freely through me, to activate my third eye, to bring that soul energy through my crown center so that I am bright and full of soul energy, so that my ego self can fully take a step back and I can be in the present moment to either give the reading or the energy healing session. The last thing that I do to prepare while I am channeling and how I do it is I then connect to Divine source. I connect so deeply and purely to our soul’s home, that greater divine frequency that we are all a part of. There is so much knowledge and love there that it is like pure joy when we can deeply connect to Divine. So, as I deeply connect to Divine, I ask that the healing or the reading be for the highest good.

And then I allow that divine energy to flow through my body, to flow through my fingertips and my hands, so that I can either begin the esoteric energy healing session, or so that I can begin to channel and really call in the spirit guides for the highest good of who I’m working for. And I do this for me a lot. I don’t just do this connection for others or for clients. This is an actual daily practice that I do. I go inwards and I connect in this way every day so that I can keep myself grounded and in alignment, but also really connected to my highest self, my soul self, so that I can be there for my clients, so that I can set up a space for my clients and be present.

So if you want to learn more about this, I’m putting a link here. You can check out a freebie that I made for you. It’s called my Hess method. I teach you in this video how to connect to your heart, to the earth, to your soul, and to source. And if you practice this every day, channeling and being an energy healer will come very easy to you.

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