Creative Self Expression

Creative self expression is important for our well being and overall health. From boosting your mood to finding mental balance.

Creativity and Self Expression Practice

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One topic I love talking about with my clients is creative self expression and why it’s important. So create of self expression is this place where we can go to really let our hearts and our soul sing. It is a place where we can go where we’re not trying to prove ourselves. We’re not trying to have any end results necessarily.

It is a sacred space for self exploration in its purest form. And unfortunately, the way that our society is, most of us are not considered creative. Most of us are not considered sort of creatives in general. And most of us, sadly, do not have a creative self expression outlet. And my challenge and my homework for you is to find that creative self expression.

So unfortunately, when we think about creative self expression, we think about our artists, those folks who are great at painting, who are great at writing, who are published authors, those folks who are doing pottery. Well, what about us who are teachers or managers? Or what about us who are parents? What about those of us who are first responders? Or what about those of us who are working in corporate?

That nine to five. Where is your creative self expression? And if this topic is really resonating with you, there’s something your soul wants you to hear. So definitely keep listening. We need a safe space for creative self expression.

Why creative self expression is important for the soul

A Safe Space to practice non judgement

It is a place where we don’t have to judge ourselves, where we can move the energy that is internal into the external space, where we can find a place that is so sacred for us, we can explore and express. And how we do this is you find something that is really sacred to you, that allows you to go into a heart centered place and you’re in a flow state and you are physically, actively doing something. So it allows us to move through and process our emotions. I’m going to use me for an example. I had creative self expression in my business with the blog posts I write, with the Instagram posts that I make, with the podcast episodes that I do.

But it was all in service to other people and sort of all in service to really my business. What I was missing and what there was a lack of was the service to myself. The creative self expression that was purely for me, that is simply and purely for me to express myself. What I started to do is to paint, and I actually have my easel right here behind me. I started painting and I realized painting was the missing puzzle piece that I really needed.

What was your favorite artistic hobby as a child?

If you think about childhood and you think about the times where you were able to be creative and able to have a creative self expression process. What did that look like for you? Was it playing the guitar? Was it playing an instrument? Was it doing arts and crafts?

Was it knitting? Was it painting? Was it drawing? Was it sketching? Think about yourself in childhood and think about the versions of you that felt pure joy just for the sake of creation.

For me, that was painting. When I was ten, the one thing I wanted more than anything else in the world was an easel, paints and canvases for that part of me. And now that I’m 27, I reconnected with that artist part of me. And I consider myself an artist. But I never allowed myself to be an artist just because it was so far from who I thought I was.

You are an artist. You are a creative being.

I am here to tell you today that you are an artist. You have artistry within you. And if that word is too triggering, then I want you to think of yourself as a creative. You are very creative. Even the greatest scientists and the greatest mathematicians in the world are creative in some sense.

They have a very creative, imaginative mind because that’s what lets them engineer things and troubleshoot things, right? Everyone is creative and it’s up to us and our free will to tap into that sacred creative well. So here’s the breakdown of why I think creative self expression is so important. Creative self expression helps us process and move through our emotions when life is chaotic around us. Creative self expression gives you the time and the space to really process mentally, to process what you’ve gone through, to process emotions, and lets you externalize that with whatever you are creating.

Creative self expression allows for a deeper self awareness. We are so busy in life. We are called in several ways to keep going and to keep pushing. And that is not a natural way that our soul or that our nervous systems want us to live. We need time to integrate what we’ve been through, to integrate and to process our emotions and our thoughts, our mental state.

And that brings us a deeper self awareness. It allows us to have a deeper space for self reflection and growth. And it’s what everyone needs that we all need that space. Creative self expression helps us balance our mood, our mental and emotional selves. Honestly, once you start actively prioritizing your creative self expression, whether it be sketching, writing, drawing, painting, whatever it is for you.

Knitting is also a good example. A lot of people have taken up knitting, right? Whatever it is for you, you’ll notice your mood. You just become happier. You just become more balanced in your heart.

You become more joyful because you prioritize that space for yourself. You’re putting yourself first. And how could you not just become a happier person? How could you not just feel lighter in yourself? If you are giving yourself that priority in that space.

Self Expression is a doorway to the divine.

How do you connect to your soul?

Right? Okay. So another reason I really value creative self expression is because it is a doorway into the Divine. You will deepen your relationship with your soul and with your deity if you give yourself time to create, creating an imagination and externalizing what’s internal? It allows us to clear the crud.

It allows us to external and release the heavy, and then it allows us a space to really dive into creating with the divine. It’s a great space for you to become inspired by your soul self. If you give yourself that space, you can connect to the Divine and make that practice sacred. A lot of ideas and a lot of epiphanies have come to me while I’ve been painting, and that is super important for me. Okay.

I think creative self expression is a key to harmonizing with your soul. I know I just said it, but I feel more of a presence with my soul than ever before. Now that I’ve started painting, I can feel my soul is so happy and in harmony with my heart, and I’m so joyful that I get to paint and be a kid again and have that creative self expression. It truly makes me feel more at home in who I am and in harmony with my soul. So the question to you is, what is creative self expression to you?

What is creative self expression to you?

And if you have trouble finding it, think about who you were as a kid and think about your favorite things to do when you were a kid and maybe start integrating that practice back into your weekly life so that you can give yourself all the benefits of creative self expression. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe. Please share. If you’re on YouTube, I would love for you to subscribe to this community and leave a comment or question so that I can integrate the this community and I want to be able to answer your questions for sure.

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