Joshua Tree Retreat & Its Magic

I went on a week-long Joshua Tree retreat (my first retreat ever)!

Joshua Tree National Park in California

I stepped outside of my comfort zone big time. I said yes when I originally said no. I packed my suitcase, said goodbye to my Fiance and cat, and got on a plane to Joshua Tree, California. I’ve been to 14 countries and traveled to multiple continents, but for a few reasons, a retreat with 10 women across the country was almost enough for me to say no to an opportunity of a lifetime. In the end, I said yes.

 I journeyed to Joshua Tree, California to attend a 5-day Awaken Wellness Retreat with a total of 10 women. 

I didn’t want to go on a retreat because⤵️ 

• It’s been a long time since I’ve traveled that far by myself (east to the west coast!)

• I had anxiety about the journey and meeting new people 

• I am so particular about my sleep I knew that sleeping in the same room as other people would be hard for me 

• My digestion is almost always off when I travel 

• I am very sensitive to other people and their energy

Why I said yes to going on a retreat in Joshua Tree⤵️

• I felt the pull to go regardless of the excuses not to 

• The desert 🌵 was calling me 

• I realized I needed to get outside of my comfort zone 

• Sometimes opportunities like this don’t align enough, so I decided to say yes while I had the chance

Joshua Tree California Airbnb

Retreat Daily Schedule

Upon arriving after a 12-hour travel day that included 2 flights and going from North Carolina to Southern California, I was tired. When arriving at the Airbnb, I began to feel anxious. There were 10 of us women after all, and I was sharing a room with 5 of them. What helped me feel calm was walking the beautiful land grounded in the desert energy. By the next morning, I was feeling much better and getting comfortable with the other women.

Our days went like this ⤵️

  • Morning Sunrise Sadhana + Reflection Time
  • Yoga flow
  • Breakfast
  • Workshop
  • Free time
  • Lunch
  • Workshop/Breathwork practice
  • Dinner
  • Group Circle

My favorite parts of the retreat were watching the sunrise every day while giving myself Esoteric energy healing, meditating, and reflecting with my Numi Organic earl grey tea (If you listen to Tea With Intuiitves, you’ll know I almost exclusively drink earl grey tea in the mornings!)

Meditating in Joshua Tree at Sunrise

I also enjoyed waking my body up with daily yoga practice. Since 2020 I have not practiced yoga in a group setting, so this was a really beautiful reminder to get myself to a studio and out of my house! I also enjoyed the workshops. They were intentional, healing, and community-building. Each one was unique and just as important as the other. The food was on point! So many lovely dishes curated specifically for the retreat. My favorite was the vegan Buddha bowl. I think I’ll try to make this one at home soon with that yummy Tahini dressing we had on retreat.

Awaken Wellness Retreat Workshop

We enjoyed our final day in Joshua Tree by exploring the Joshua Tree National Park. The best way to end such a wonderful week! The cherry on top. By the end of this retreat, we didn’t want to leave. There was still so much to explore. In the little amount of time I had on the retreat, I was able to make deep connections with all the women and it felt like a big family.

I am so grateful I took the courage to say yes. This Joshua Tree retreat reminded me of why sisterhood and community are important, why laughter and moving my body are important, and why doing something new is what life’s all about. If you want to learn more and possibly go on your own Awaken Wellness retreat, follow along with their adventures on Instagram and reach out to Heather and Lindsay. They have a retreat in Maine summer of 2023 – don’t miss out!

Joshua Tree National Park
Awaken Wellness Retreat Alter Tarot Cards
Joshua Tree National Park

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