My First Palmistry Reading

I first connected with Paula, @p.isforpalmistry, on Instagram in 2021. I invited Paula as a guest on my podcast Guidance From Within because I was curious to learn more. You can listen to the episode on Spotify Podcast or Apple Podcast. I think like most of us, all I knew of palmistry was from movies and tv shows, and signs in windows that said “palm reading here”. None of which are good advertisements for this ancient and insightful form of reading.

Paula from P.isforpalmistry

What is Palmistry?

As Paula states on her website, “Palmistry is a sounding board that’s with us all the time. It’s a starting place to see what we can do. We can see your greatest gifts and challenges right in the palms of your hands. “

My role is to read your palms

and guide you to your strengths.

Palmistry is the belief that our hands have lines, marks, mounts, length of fingers, marks, etc. that give more insight into the various areas of our life. Some of those areas may be love, career, money, hobbies, health, etc. There is also the ability to see what is possible in the future by looking at the palms. Although Paula says our palms do change over time and that is something to be aware of.

We do know the practice of Palmistry in China can be dated as far back as 1046 – 256 BCE. How amazing is that?

From Paula’s Instagram @p.isforpalmistry

My Palmistry reading review

I wasn’t sure what to expect when sitting down for my hour-long Zoom palmistry reading with Paula. This was my first experience with Palmistry after all! Paula was so thorough in her communication and explained everything very well. She even pulled up pictures that I had sent her of my palms to walk me through the palmistry reading. You’ll see in the picture attached that she drew lines and shapes to point out areas of importance. Paula was so engaged in the reading and periodically asked me if I had any questions. She answered all of my questions eloquently and with expertise.

palm reading review
my palm reading

We covered areas of my life like career possibilities, marriage/relationships, my creative abilities, and the element my hands incorporate the most (fire for me). The palmistry reading truly was more than I thought it would be and was so fun! A couple of things I learned: I have the pinky of writers and a small spot on my left hand that indicates the role of a teacher. I’ve gifted my fiance a palmistry reading to my finance, and I look forward to what Paula finds for his reading too.

I think everyone could benefit from a palmistry reading with Paula. You’ll learn so much about yourself and have fun doing it. I truly am fascinated by this practice and look forward to another palmistry reading with Paula in the future.

Book your Palmistry reading with Paula here.

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