What is an Auric Field?

Some day everything in our reality has an aura. Others may say just the living things. As an Esoteric (energy) Healer, I know you can sense any object’s energy. To put it simply, your auric field is an egg-like shape of energy that surrounds you and contains your chakra system. The auric field contains all aspects f your energy body including its different layers.

An example of auric field
The Auric Field

What are the layers of the aura?

Through my training as an Esoteric Healing Practitioner, I’ve studied under the philosophy of Alice Baily. We have 4 layers to the auric field and those are the physical etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers. I am aware other schools of thought may have interpreted the layers differently. Also, the auric field is multidimensional.

Why is the aura important?

I personally believe knowing bout your auric field is like knowing a body part. Basically, the aura has always been there, even if we cannot see it. The reason most of us cannot see the aura is that it vibrates at a higher frequency than our physical body. The beautiful thing is you can train yourself to feel, see, and sense the aura. Some of us may even see the aura and how its colors change from person to person! Knowing about the auric field is the healthcare of the future. It truly is an essential part of who you are. If your auric field is depleted, you may be depleted. If your aura is in good health, you will most likely be in good health.

Even The Today Show has taken time to explore the aura. You can read about their interpretation of aura colors and see if any resonate with you.

How to heal my auric field?

There are many ways to begin to heal your aura. My favorite way is Esoteric Healing sessions. Esoteric healing works with the will of the soul in its healing. While I am working with a client (or on myself) I asses the auric field, then I asses the chakras, and then I asses the bodily systems and organs themselves to see how strong they are. Be sure to read more on Esoteric Healing if it is resonating with you.

Energy healers are trained to support the aura and allow for the flow of its energy. All layers of the aura are interconnected. Balance one, and you affect the other.

Additionally, you may get in touch with and heal your aura is through practicing deep meditation. There are many meditations you can participate in on youtube for aura healing.

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