3 Simple Ways to Find Out Your Past Lives

exploring a past life in Colorado, USA 2021

The belief in past lives is nothing new. In fact, it’s estimated 4 in 10 Americans who are under the age of 50 believe in reincarnation. In my opinion, this number will naturally rise as time moves forward.

As more of us here begin our personal awakenings to the soul’s reincarnation journey, more healers, readers, channelers, energy healers, shamans, etc. will be needed. The awakening of those here is inevitable.

What is Past Life Healing and Why is it Important?

If you’re reading this, you probably already believe in reincarnation, you probably believe yourself have past lives your soul has lived. Once we gain the awareness that we have had past lives, a few things begin to happen. Life starts to remind us in a very natural way what our past lives were. We become triggered by things, emotionally drawn to things, and even intuitively sense our past life presence in certain places.

  1. Bleedthrough: this is what I like to call when past life experiences start showing up and repeating themselves in this one. For example, you meet a soul mate you’ve had a relationship with in past lives, you have the same fear you did in a past life, your current fears reflect the emotional/physical/mental trauma you experienced in a past life, your illness or illnesses in this life are the same or similar ones you’ve had in a past life, and so on. I could keep going but I think you get the idea!
  2. Coincidences: not really coincidences, more of an intelligent symphony of life naturally bringing into your awareness symbols, people, songs, movies, historical tv shows, travel opportunities, etc. that trigger past life memories. Here is my example: I went on a trip to Ireland a few years back. I could have chosen to go anywhere, but my heart led me to Ireland. I had multiple past life healings happen on that trip. I even stunbled-yes stumbleed-upon a town that I once lived in with my family (Kilkenny). Life begins to show you your web of incarnations once you’ve opened the door to the possibility of them.
  3. Dejavu: Do you ever feel like you are repeating something? “I’ve seen this before”, “I’ve been here before!”. The feeling r sensation of Dejavu may increase when we start to believe in our past lives.

How Do Past Lives Affect Us Today?

Can you relate to any of the above instances? One common theme I see occurring between past lives and present lives with my clients is, they feel physically and/or emotionally off in certain areas of their bodies. Their knees are weak for no reason, their throat is very sensitive to the touch, and they feel high and low emotions that they can’t explain why. Often time in the Akashic Records or Esoteric Healing we clear the bleedthrough that is happening because we are healing with the soul. Not just the personality and body of this incarnation.

If any of the above examples start to happen, or you simply feel pulled to a certain era, time, place, country, city, language, etc. then it is a sure indication you’ve had a past life there! Are you obsessed with Japan? With Geishas? Chances are you’ve experienced that. Were you obsessed with ancient Egypt when you learned bout the culture in school and dreamed of one day going there to see the tombs and pyramids? Chances are VERY high you lived there already.

Do you have any past lives you know about? If love to hear in the comments. You can also email me if you’d like to share. If you’re needing extra support on your past life healing journey, please check out my page on Esoteric Healing and how it may support you. I’ve been supporting souls on their past life healing journey consistently for 3 years now, and lightly for the past 13. I’d love to support you in the best way I can!

Now go take note of what calls to you and let it be a doorway to your soul’s journey.

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