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The Best Organic Face Oil for Your Sensitive Skin

After a couple of years of making my own face oil for my bath & body products Etsy shop Magic Waters (RIP), I decided it was time to close that chapter and move forward in new directions. I needed a new organic face oil for my delicate skin… and I found it!

My Search for the Best Organic Face Oil

I have very dry skin in the winter months here in North Carolina, so hydration was at the top of my list when I started searching for a new face oil. I was also looking for the best organic face oil for sensitive skin. Whenever I use face masks of any kind to help moisturize my skin, my face would always becomes super red and irritated. Most facemasks for me are a no-go. Also, moisturizers can get expensive and not last very long. Therefore, an overall really good face oil was my choice.

I used to make my own rose oil (organic jojoba oil with organic rose petal infusion). It was wonderful! I actually still have the urge to make it sometimes, and maybe I will again soon. However, I searched for face oil products that were clean, handmade, and came from a small shop on Etsy. Because why not support a woman in her small business?

In early 2021 bought face products from a small shop on Etsy to try. Their products were okay, but nothing that I was super excited about after having tried them out. Luckily enough, I realized I knew someone I used to work with within a coffee shop in Asheville, NC. On my hunt for the perfect products, I remembered Stina Swesey had an Etsy shop with some delicious teas and various skin care products. What I didn’t realize, was that she had not only expanded but created products so good I immediately wanted them all when I found them.

The Best Face Oil for Moisture all day long

Using Marigold Face & Body Oil

Mother Mountains Herbals has become my now #1 go-to place for all my skincare needs. No longer located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Stina’s business has migrated with her to her birth town Tucson, Arizona. This means her products and ingredients changed in order to incorporate more natural resources from the land around her.

Mother Mountain Herbals Marigold Face & Body Oil

My personal favorite is the Marigold Face & Body oil. It smells heavenly, comes in a beautiful bottle, and keeps my skin moisturized all day long. The best face oil I have found so far. I always put it on before any sunscreen or foundation. It’s perfect for after the shower & face washing, too.

The Best Face Oil for your Gua Sha practice

Are you into Gua Sha? I’ve experienced and Marigold is also the perfect face oil for gua sha. It’s smooth and nourishing while gliding the crystal over key points during a gua sha treatment. Ingredients: Arizona Jojoba Oil, Calendula, Gotu Kola, guava seed oil, Peru balsam, rose, cocoa, vanilla, and jasmine.

Photo by Stina Swesey via @mothermountainherbals Instagram

My second favorite is her Cactus Flower Serum. Although it’s been a while since I’ve had this one, I think it smells so peaceful, and divine, and took the place of my moisturizer for a while. Actually, I used Cactus Flower Serum as my go-to moisturizer for a year. Ingredients: aloe vera, calendula, nopal cactus, hibiscus flower, Arizona jojoba oil, vanilla, lime, cedar, and copaiba.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong! Just check out all the things Stina crafts by hand because each one of them is so unique and special. She’s also been featured in Vogue, Urban Outfitters, Healthyish, and Sunset. Before you ask- Yes! She also does wholesale.

Enjoy shopping Mother Mountain Herbals and let me know if you try any of those delicious products! They truly are the best products for dry sensitive skin, real skin of any kind. I personally want to wait to purchase one of each item in Stina’s shop. Follow her Instagram @mothermountainherbals.

Mother Mountain Herbals Marigold Face Oil

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