How to Become an Energy Healer for Beginners

Some of us have this innate call to take care of others. It’s embedded in our being. Others cultivate this call as life takes its twists and turns. The call to be of service for some grows louder over time. Whatever end of the scale you’re on, you feel called to learn more about energy healing for a reason.

How to become an energy healer. Hawaii 2022

What is energy healing?

Energy healing is the ability to work with high frequency and the auric field of the body. The energy healing practitioner assesses the aura for areas of over-exertion or depletion of energy. The energy healer then channels high frequency to strengthen depleted areas, or calm down others. Specifically, through Esoteric Healing, the practitioner uses their third eye (Ajna) and sweeping of the hands to bring the client’s energy back into balance. The Esoteric Healing practitioner works with triangles, or different points of the energy body together at once to bring balance.

What is an aura?

The aura is an egg-like shape (we all have one) surrounding us that encompasses our energy & chakra system. The chakra system is vital to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. The word chakra refers to wheels of energy. There are 7 main body chakras. When the aura is in flow and balanced, you will feel in flow and balance. When the aura is depleted in all or specific areas, you may feel depleted.

7 body chakras

Can anyone be an energy healer?

Yes, anyone can be an energy healer-including you! Energy healing is available to everyone because everyone has energy and a connection to divine source.

Some ways to know if you are naturally an energy healer are:

  1. you have empathy for others
  2. you are sensitive to energy
  3. you are sensitive to the other people around you
  4. you are interested in traditional medicine practices
  5. your instinct is to help others
  6. you wanted to go into the healthcare field, but it felt too heavy
  7. you intentionally send loving energy to those around you
  8. you are intuitive
  9. your intuition is growing & emerging
  10. you may be introverted to protect your energy
  11. you’ve been through a lot, but a lot of innate wisdom came from it
  12. people naturally trust you
  13. animals easily trust you and you feel called to them
  14. you feel called to be of service in a greater way

How to become certified in energy healing?

There are many different routes to take in the energy healing field. Doing your research will be key. Listen to your intuition when finding a practice or practitioner to study under. Ask your soul and your spirit guides to bring you the best teacher and modality that will serve you and you serve it.

Although Reiki is very popular and very easy to become certified in, I personally suggest looking into Esoteric Healing. I’ve trained in the National Association of Esoteric Healing (NAEH) and the International Network of Esoteric Healing (INEH). I took class one 13 years ago at the age of 14! Its been and will forever be a part of my life. Many of my clients know and are certified in Reiki, but they seek a deeper knowledge of the energy body and a deeper knowledge of the meaning behind life itself. Esoteric Healing was channeled by Alice Bailey in 1920s England. Many of her teaching and philosophies have been channeled by modern-day mystics as well. Many modern-day masters and healers have received the same information as Alice Bailey once did 100 years ago.

So why not go to the original source of the information? I am currently in the certification program through the NAEH and its been quite a journey of exploration and learning. Next year in 2023, I have my plan to begin their teacher training certification so I may teach this energy healing modality as well.

If you’d like to become an energy healer follow your heart and the path forward will open up to you. Do your research on the different modalities available, and choose the one you feel strongly called to. It’s a beautiful journey. I believe energy healing is health care and will be combined more with Western medicine as time goes on.

I am ready to work with an energy healer

If you’re ready to work with or continue your work with an energy healer, then you’re in the right spot! Read more about my services, client testimonials, and how I can support you through Esoteric Healing HERE. I look forward to our sessions together! If you have any questions email me heartofbritt@gmail.com.

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