Your Inner Child is Calling You Home

Have you noticed the surge in the inner child healing movement? It seems like everyone is talking about healing the inner child these days. And for good reason.

Why is it important to heal my inner child?

As we move forward, not only as individuals but as a soul collective, we are being asked to heal the past. Healing the past allows us to move forward with more authentic empowerment (that is, in more alignment with the soul).

The more pain we carry, the less likely we are to listen to our intuition, hear our soul’s calling, and/or follow our heart’s leadership. When we’re heavy and emotionally constipated, we make a decision that may be out of alignment with the soul. When we are mentally blocked, we may not be receiving our intuitive callings.

Our emotional constipation and mental blocks may stem from past life experiences, but they have roots in our childhood. I could write a whole book about the importance of inner child healing (and one day I just might!), but understanding the basis of this healing practice and its importance is paramount to our overall well-being.

How do I know it’s time to heal my inner child?

A few ways the need for inner child healing may show up are: feelings of shame, guilt, emotional triggers, lack of boundaries, anxiety, depression, lack of purpose or direction, feeling like a part of you is missing, you purposefully do not think about your childhood(!!), you are creatively stifled, you are a people pleaser, and many many more.

I am one to talk because- boy have I been through it. Name a childhood trauma experience, chances are I’ve had it. It’s taken me a decade-plus to be able to work in partnership with my inner child, instead of pushing her away like she doesn’t exist.

How can I heal my inner child?

I’ll let you in on a few things that have changed my relationship with my inner child and healed me in many ways.

  1. Esoteric Healing. Having received hundreds of hours of energy healing allowed me to heal many deep layers of my childhood trauma.
  2. Forgiveness. Being able to forgive those who hurt me allowed me to move forward in authentic empowerment.
  3. Emotional expression. I let myself cry. I let myself be vulnerable. I let myself break down. Having spent a childhood hiding my emotions, I don’t want to repeat that pattern as an adult.
  4. I get creative. I loved art in school but didn’t have the self-esteem to keep up with it. I’ve just now started to create more and wow am I excited!

How are you feeling? Are you triggered to any degree by this information? If so that means you are here for a reason. You’re here because you’re ready to build a relationship with your inner child and heal. I will warn you- inner child healing is not one size fits all, it’s not linear. It will be filled with ups, and downs, layers, habit change, belief change, and a whole lot of joy and creativity. Are you ready for that?

Inner Child Healing Course & mentor

If you are ready to heal with your inner child, then check out my inner child healing online course Open Your Wings: Guide to Inner Child Healing. It’s my heart all bundled in one place to be of service to you. I know that healing from childhood trauma is not easy-Ive been there. In many ways, I still am as healing is not linear. But it is such important work.

What’s included in this inner child healing course?

  • inner child healing meditations
  • inner child healing journal prompts
  • inner child healing activities
  • inner child healing weekly guidance
  • and more!

I would love to guide you through the journey and be your spiritual life coach and inner child healing mentor. So, what do you say? Shall we heal the inner halide together?

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