How to Connect to Your Soul Everyday

I’m going to introduce you to my practice for connecting to my soul every day and why it is so effective and important. I began this practice at the age of 14 (13 years ago!) and I attribute much of my intuitive strengths to this practice alone.

The method I call H.E.S.S.

Connect to your soul meditation for beginners

First, we find a nice place to sit and relax. Keeping the spine long, we close our eyes. Once we are seated, spine straight, eyes closed we then focus our attention inwards towards the heart. This is the “H” ins H.E.S.S. Keep your focus on your heart energy. What is it telling you? What does it feel like?

Once you’re comfortable checking in with your heart, follow that energy down the spine, hips, knees, and feet. Take this flow one step further and like the roots of a tree allow your energy to anchor you into mother earth. This is the “E” part of the method. What does it feel like to ground your energy?

Thirdly, bring your awareness from the earth all the way up the spine to the top of your head. This is the crown chakra. Imagine the energy shining at the top of your head growing brighter. We gently allow the crown chakra to open. Then picture a golden string pulling you upwards connecting you to your soul light. It’s about 1 foot or so above the top of your head. What does it feel like to connect with your soul’s energy? Is it a whisper or a loud song? What’s the vibration like? This is the first “S” in the method. Allow the soul’s energy to naturally flow through you, and anchor it all the way down your feet into the earth.

Lastly, focus on your soul light. Take this meditation one step further by picturing another golden strong extending from your soul light to divine source energy. Allow time to feel this potent yet gentle energy of source. Allow it to flow through your entire being and anchor it through your feet into the earth. This is the second “S” of the H.E.S.S method.

You are the conduit between matter and spirit. It may take you 10 minutes or more to practice this at first, but eventually, you will be able to do this meditation within a minute to feel the deeper connection.

Why is it important to connect with your soul?

  1. The soul has a chance to flow. Intention is everything! By allowing our intentions to focus on the soul’s energy, more of the soul’s energy can flow through us throughout the day. The more we do this meditation, the more soul energy we can encompass.
  2. It raises your vibration. The personality and soul are two different aspects of who you are. The majority of people allow their personality to be in charge. What would the world look like if more people actually allowed their souls to make decisions? The H.E.S.S practice allows one’s personality self to step back and for the soul self to have more of a partnership with life.
  3. Grounding into the earth is essential for those of us who tend to live in the clouds, just like connecting upwards is essential for those of us who tend to stay in personality/ego self. Grounding allows us to come back into our bodies and out of our emotional or mental states. This allows us to become more balanced throughout the day.
  4. Intuition development is a natural part of the H.E.S.S method. As we allow for more soul energy in our lives, the more our soul can speak to us and through us. This greatly impacts and fine-tunes our intuition. We become more sensitive to subtle energy with this meditation.
  5. We can begin to channel by practicing this meditation. You never know what you will see, hear, or feel while connecting to your heart, earth, your soul, and divine source. Stay open to that deeper connection to your soul!

While practicing this meditation I encourage you to not overthink this practice, to not judge what you feel or what is being shown to you, and to stay focused on your steps. The mind like to wander off to other places but focus on the breath if you notice this happens and keep going with the steps.

Enjoy this method!


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