Your Guide to Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing is a tool that may be used to gently channel our highest self and spirit guides. Before I found the Akashic Records, I would use this channeling modality to help answer some of my most desired questions!

You will need:

a writing utensil

a journal or some paper

comfortable clothes

a space for mediation

What is Automatic Writing

When I first started meditating and energy healing at the age of 14, I was looking for a deeper way to communicate with Spirit. My grandmother then taught me Automatic Writing. Its a tool we can us to speak to our souls, highest sleeves, spirit guides, and the universe through channeling.

It does take practice, but with these simple 10 steps, I believe you can gently put yourself in a space to receive information from your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, and Source.

You will be able to use Automatic Writing to the fullest through a deep state of meditation. Often time when I use this tool, I do not remember what I’ve written and have to reread everything to gain the information that was channeled.

Hint: Never be afraid to ask WHO is giving you the information while you write!

How to Use Automatic Writing

1. Find a comfortable seated position in a space you feel easily relaxed in.

2. Begin square breathing. Inhale for 4 seconds. Pause for 4 seconds. Exhale for 4 seconds. Pause for 4 seconds. Repeat this as many times as you would like. At least until you feel your body has calmed and you feel centered.

3. Once you feel you have achieved a gentle meditative state, begin to ground into Mother Earth. Like the roots of a tree, envision your energy anchoring you into the core of Mother Earth.

4. Once grounded, bring that awareness up the spine and focus on your Crown chakra located at the top of the head. Notice a golden energetic thread linking you from your Crown chakra to your Soul Light. Give your Soul a big hug! Allow your Soul energy to fill you up from the inside out so that you are shining with soul energy.

5. Notice another golden thread from your Soul Light to Source energy (you may call this source God or the Great Central Sun as well). Allow divine source energy to flow down this open energy channel and fill you up from the inside out. This is very powerful and gentle energy. You may not feel it at first, but it’s there!

6. Once you have made this connection, say the prayer “I now open a channel for my highest good for information from my Highest Self and Spirit Guides to communicate what I need to know at this time.”

7. Declare this prayer, whether out loud or mentally, and begin to write. Write anything and everything that comes into your mind. Allow the information to flow through you without limitations or expectations. Do not force yourself to remember anything you write, we are only focused on our connection to our Soul Light and Source, not so much on what is coming through. Keep your breathing steady.

Write anything you see, feel, hear, etc.

8. Once you feel a pause, you may close this channel by saying, “Thank you for the information, I now close my energy field and come back into my body.”

9. Ground into Mother Earth once again to help you come back into your body.

10. Read what you have written, and allow the information time to process.

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