What Your Dreams are Saying

Do you have dreams that feel so real you wonder if they are?

I’m here to dive into that a bit more and explore the dream world and its possibilities. If you’re like me, you may believe that dreams have a deeper significance than just our human brains making stuff up. There are many cultures around the world where dreams are sacred and very symbolic. Dreams may even be an insight into what is to come.

Usually during REM sleep, but I have had dreams when I was not in REM sleep because I was fighting to stay asleep so that I could keep the dream alive. In the state of sleeping and being awake, I’ve experienced dreams.

The symbolism of Past Life Dreams

I’ve had a dream where Ascended Master Jesus walked towards me and was talking with me and it felt SO real. I woke up with so much love and joy in my heart that I will never forget the encounter!

I have seen my soul family hanging out at this home on a Hawaiian type of island in the etheric. There was so much love and joy and everyone was so glad to see each other again. I recognized the soul of my family, even if they had different bodies from the one I know them now as. My body was different too. I see this as a designated meeting place for some of my soul family to recuperate after incarnation and just be for a while. To heal there too and to catch up with the other souls.

I have dreamed of lounging by a pool of divine light with a dear soul friend. She physically lives states away. We were “checking in” with each other while laying out and soaking up the divine energy around us. I remember it so clearly. I did not want to wake up from this dream because the state of peace, joy, and love was so profound!

Prophetic Dreams

I have also had dreams where I was given a heads-up about what was going to happen the next day or the following week. The role I would be given in the school play to seeing there may be a conflict with a coworker or manager in the weeks ahead. Whenever my soul or spirit guides want me to be very aware of what is to come, to prepare for it, they will send me a heads up in the dream state. I very much appreciate this! (thanks, guys!)

How Dreams allow us to Astral Travel

Some dreams that are significant to me are the pens where I am flying. I become self-aware in some of the dreams and realize I can fly, so I just leave the dream altogether and fly away.

I once astral traveled a bit too far. Astral projection is when you intentionally leave your physical body and become aware of your etheric or energetic body, and use it to go places.

During this Astral travel, I was off in space and could see so many stars, but floating around up there was so intense. I woke up and then was pulled back into a dream state back to flying through space. I didn’t exactly enjoy being pulled in and out of my physical body. I requested that I not have that experience again unless absolutely necessary.

Was it a dream or a past life memory?

I’ve had dreams of past life memories come through, some really good and others kind of horrific. I know they were past life because some were showing me my death that was needing to be healed. I can tell if it’s a dream or a memory.

One of my most interesting dreams that were a past life memory, one where I was a prisoner but not human. I have no idea where this was in the universe but I was kind of a big male, red-brownish skin, thick skin, and hands, and my hands were chained together. I was in a dark cell that had very little space. I was alone but I knew there were others on this sort of train that were being transferred. As I saw through this male’s eyes, My heart was filled with such grief and anxiety.

I knew at that exact moment that my present-day consciousness and past-life consciousness were merging a bit. And all my Brittany brain kept saying was, You’re not supposed to be here. This isn’t where you’re supposed to be. This isn’t your body anymore! A part of me panicked thinking I was trapped again in this cell-type of space. Finally, I woke up back in my body. That was an interesting morning for processing for sure!

Dreams can mean many things and have great symbology. I encourage you to explore your own and ask yourself what the dream means if it’s something random, a past life memory, a meeting in the etheric, or whatever it might be! You can google or pick up a dream dictionary to help you decipher information as well. I am excited for you to explore your dreams and learn more about who you are through the process!

If you’d like to dive deeper into this topic watch my youtube video or listen to the Guidance From Within episode What Dreams May Show Us.

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I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my dreams. If you want to chat or have some stories you wish to share, please send them my way!

heartofbirtt@gmail.com @heart.of.britt Instagram

Much love,


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