Meeting My Inner Goddess

“The Goddess has risen, may she never be forgotten. ”

— Golden Goddess

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In January 2020, I had a profound experience in my Akashic Records. I reunited with my inner Goddess, my highest self.

One evening, I had sunk into a hot epsom salt bath and opened my Akashic Records. I was immediately guided into a forgiveness and inner child healing ceremony. I allowed myself to forgive the child I once was and the men who had harmed her.

Once this deep healing ceremony was completed, I was taken to a golden temple. The walls radiated gold, the high ceiling ware golden, and even the columns with flames alight were golden. A golden Goddess store before me with a white gown. She held a long golden staff.

As I walked closer to her, I heard “make an offering to the temple and to me.” I was currently bleeding during the time of my menstrual cycle. I thought maybe she was referring to a blood offering.

I replied, “Would you like a blood offering?” She then said to me, “No, your blood is precious and important. I want something else.”

So I did the next thing I could think of- I started singing a mantra. Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung is a mantra for healing. I sang it about three times for the Golden Goddess in her golden temple.

Once I was finished, she not only walked towards me, but reintegrated within me. I then realized she was not separate from me, but a part of myself I had forgotten long ago. This was me, the Goddess within me, my Highest Self, reuniting with who I am today.

She said to me, “The Goddess has risen, may she never be forgotten.”

I then felt a tremendous amount of self-empowerment, self-love, and compassion for all that I am and all I have been. I felt such a powerful surge of beauty and divine energy permeate throughout my being. In that moment, I felt more of a woman than I ever have before.

I feel the Goddess with me always. All I have to do is call on her for love, strength, wisdom, power, and courage. This was such a beautiful and special moment for me. I will never forget it.

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