Introduction to Pleiadian Beings

You questions answered. Their messages channeled.

In the ever-growing ‘spiritual’ community, the word Pleiadian comes up all over the place. But, what does it mean? Who are the Pleiadians? Why are they important?

The very first time I opened my Akashic Records, the first thing I saw were two “alien” legs standing right in front of me. They were kind of greyish white. Was I freaked out? Yes, a bit. But I had an understanding of higher dimensions l beings before entering my records. Nothing happened or was said, but the experience I’ll never forget. This was the first direct contact I had with higher dimensional beings (at least while being 100% conscious and aware).

Who They Are

The Pleiadians think of themselves as the humans older brother or sister on an evolutionary level. They view themselves as helpers, teachers, spiritual guides, family, and friends. They reside in the 5th dimension and are outside of time and space. Many believe the Pleiadians are “guards” or overseers of our Akashic Records. They have traveled to the Earth from the Pleiadian star cluster (you can look at the night sky and see these stars clear as day). The first time I looked up at the sky and saw the Pleiades I was 11 years old. I couldn’t stop looking at them. My heart chakra burst open with a deep resonance and I have been obsessed with those starts ever since.

These beings have been through their own spiritual ascension, similar to the one Earth is going through right now. Pleiadians are more connected to the Great Central Sun (the source of all). They live in alignment with the universe and have long life spans- 700 or so years! They truly are holding our hands as we move forward into the future. A lot of “aha!” moments for individuals were transmissions or downloads from our Pleiadian guides.

Why They’re Important

As the Earth evolves and humanity with her, the Pleiadians traveled far from their home to assist. They came here to help the collective more easily ascend into the 7th Golden Age (more on this later). They truly bring with them open hearts, kindness, and wisdom. Us humans are going through a spiritual transformation. The Pleiadians are here to help with that (as are the Arcturians, Sirians, and more). The Pleiadians have told me that more of us humans are opening our hearts and minds to allow for more assistance. More and more of us will be connecting and communicating to the Pleiadians on an individual level.

Channeling the Pleiadians

Many times the Pleiadians have come through not only in my Akashic Records, but the records of many of my clients. When I am in their presence, I know by the joyful and loving vibration that accompanies them. I also see blue energy surrounding myself and my space. Blue is often associated with these beings. Many of us have Pleiaidan guides. Many of us are Starseeds, meaning our souls have had many lives on planets off of Earth. You may feel a connection to the Pleiades simple because you have had many lifetimes there. You can connect to your Pleiadian spirit guide- all you have to do is drop into meditation and invite them in. Do this, and see what happens.

Pleiaidian Channeling Below:

Oh what an exciting time to realize you are more than meets the eye. What an exciting time to come to the realization that you as a collective are more than meets the eyes. Breath deep. Breath more. Breath in rhythm of the earth. It is our honor and privilege to be here guiding you souls home. Home to your true nature, your true vibrance. Your true selves. It is with honor that we send this message today for all who come across this dear ones path to receive.

May you remember that we are with you always. Always. Always. always. Throughout the cosmos and into the hearts of every man, we are here. You were never forgotten, nearly wandered off on your own. You were never forgotten by us, but you merely forgot yourselves. We offer our unending love and assistance in times of humanities rebirth.

We so look forward to the days ahead when all has come to light. No longer will we feel the responsibility to hide in the shadows. Yes, it is a responsibility to hide in the shadows for now is not the time for the grand reveal. Fear not, you humans will rejoin us here in space once again and take your seat at the table of the gods. Yes- Gods. You are gods. You are god. You are just like us but uniquely you. We beings in the fifth dimension await your arrival. So come one, come all, we await.

Open your hearts, open your minds. Let us in and let us begin the sacred work that is yet to be done. Dear ones, we wish you nothing but joy and happiness on your path to rediscovering yourselves.

It is I, Athena, Pleiadian on the Galactic Counsel here today. Assuring you there is nothing to fear. Nothing can hold you back now from where you are destined to go. Hold tight to one another, love one another, and don’t forget to celebrate the victories of your everyday. Your days truly are precious. Each and every one. Bless! Bless! Bless you!

End transmission.

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