How Your Spirit Guides Speak to You

Have you ever asked divine or your spirit guides for a sign that would answer your question to help you on your journey? Yeah, me too! 

signs from spirit guides
What does this beautiful yellow bird have to do with anything? Keep reading and I’ll tell you!

Have you ever asked Divine or your spirit guides for a sign that would answer your question to give further guidance to your journey? Yeah, me too! 

In the moment of confusion, despair, questioning, uncertainty, we oftentimes need a little help along the journey. It may even be rare that you pray for a sign, or remember to ask for one. 

If it is rare for you, I implore you to create a habit of it and keep your eyes, ears, and heart open for the miraculous ways God speaks to us. 

*I do use God and divine interchangeably during this post. 

What is a sign? What am I referring to when I talk about signs? I am referring to the ways life gives us the answers we are seeking through divine intervention. 

There are many ways it happens, here are a few: music, technology, nature, animals, “coincidences”, dreams, conversations with strangers or friends, book recommendations, finding strange or lost items, billboards/stickers, etc. Because God is intelligent and our spirit Guides are crafty! 

spirit guide message

I am going to dive deeper into a few of these categories with personal examples of how my spirit guides and divine have spoken directly to me. There are so many that I had to narrow it down to some of my favorite signs to share with you all. 

01: Music

It is ALL around us. The grocery store, gas station, car ride, commercials, movies, Spotify radio, iTunes shuffle, random strangers humming or singing a tune… you get the idea. What is often repeated around you? What do the lyrics say? Is it a song in your head on repeat? 

There may very well be a deeper message for you. I often hear music playing in my head waking up in the morning from a dream. I once heard Light Language being sung to me as I woke from a deep sleep. It was so moving I cried tears of joy! 

Light language: chanting/speaking in a language used by the universe, spirit guides, light beings, divine itself. Often time can be channeled by sacred symbology. 

02: Technology

To go along with music and tech- one evening I was thinking about my spirit guide St. Germain. I was in deep thought about how grateful I am for this guide and everything he has taught me on my journey. It’s important to note that I had my laptop open and propped up on my bed as I organized my room in gratitude. I was not using my laptop at the time. No music was playing. All of a sudden, the song Tumare Darshan sung by the beautiful Deva Premal started playing on my Spotify! Although I listen to Deva Premal pretty much every day, I had never heard this song before. After looking up the meaning, I was shocked (in a good way)!

“The season has arrived where I will finally see you and dance with you. With the breathing in of joy, it is time to live in bliss.”

I know St. Germain was saying hello, that he is here dancing with me and teaching me the ways of joy and bliss. 

I have also received signs it was time for me to give myself an energy healing session. I was scrolling through Instagram and my feed lined up perfectly with the picture attached. My guides were like, “Brittany! Take care of yourself. Give yourself an Esoteric Healing treatment soon.”

signs from my spirit guides

03: Nature

Sunrises, Sunsets, the ones that steal your breath and your heart skip a beat… Those I feel are gifts from the divine herself. Nature will do God’s work by communicating with us daily. Yes! Daily! The first time I deeply felt the presence of divine was at the age of 15 reading Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch on my Grandmother’s porch looking out at the Blue Ridge mountains in North Carolina. I felt so connected to the passage I was reading that I needed to take a moment and look up at the sunny skies to contemplate. All of a sudden, a gust of wind moves two giant clouds above and below the late afternoon sun. The clouds made an upper and lower eyelid around the sun. It was quite literally God herself looking directly at me. A part of me wished to take a photo, but the quieter part whispered, “Take it in. Enjoy this moment.” So I did. And I can still see it clear as day in my memory. I will never forget seeing God’s eye. 

Birds have been speaking to me lately. 

The first time I received a very upfront message from a bird was when a few months ago and I was feeling conflicted about my life’s work. I kept asking, “Am I supposed to teach the work I offer? If so, please give me a sign. I want to see a bright colorful bird. That will solidify for me that I am meant to teach and to create courses.”

Sure enough, that afternoon my partner sent me a picture of this bright beautiful yellow bird. You know, the one at the beginning of this post? My partner was unaware of my morning prayer but felt compelled to share this bird with me. It flew over and landed on the side mirror of his car. This bird would NOT stop staring at him, just tilting its graceful head back and forth while keeping eye contact. I think he was telling my partner, “Hey! Show me to Brittany! Tell her we are here and that she is on the right track!” The bird didn’t fly away until my partner took the photo. 

The second bird encounter was shortly after the first, I was making a BIG decision. Right before I typed up an email response for a big decision, I asked, “please send me a sign that all will be okay if I take this path.” A minute later, I look out the window and a bluebird has latched itself onto the screen of the window, and is staring right at me! I said ‘thank you!” with a big smile and the bird flew away. I felt in that moment a deep confirmation. 

04: Billboards and License plates 

Signs may be… SIGNS. It can honestly be that simple. While driving or on a walk, is there is a literal sign that resonates or stands out in some way? Do not let your human brain doubt the sincerity of the sign, it does have meaning. It is sacred.

Fall 2020 my partner and I were wondering where the best place to vacation would be: the coast of California or the mountains of Colorado. I again asked for a sign, “Spirit, where do I need to go for my highest good?” Sure enough, within a week I saw about five Colorado license plates. Not a single sign led me to California. We had our answer! And it was a wonderful time indeed. I had a lot of past life memory come up for me during that trip. I will never forget it.

Another literal sign from the spirit that I received was about my longing to live in Hawaii. If you’ve followed my journey for a while you probably know that one of my big life dreams is to live in Hawaii. Once I put energy and effort towards making this dream come true, I started seeing rainbows and Hawaiian signs everywhere. One of my favorites was when I booked at a random salon to get a haircut. I sat down in the hairstylist’s chair and saw a sign she had posted. It was blue with a rainbow with the words “Believe in miracles”.

sign from the universe

It was so beautiful that I had to share with the stylist why I was taking pictures of her miracle sign. Hawaii is known for its rainbows. It’s the rainbow state! 

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I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the signs I’ve received from spirit. I encourage you to be open to asking and receiving your own. If you want to chat or have some stories you wish to share, please send them my way!

 heartofbirtt@gmail.com @heartofbritt Instagram

Much love, 


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