How Energy Healing Works

Most of this post will dive deep into how Esoteric Healing works. I do generalize some of the concepts, but my background is in Esoteric Healing. You can learn more about this powerful practice here.

The Process for Energy Healing

The practitioner connects their soul energy to the client’s soul and asks permission to do a treatment. We do not interfere with the will of the personality or the will of the soul. It’s a part of ethical and moral standards.

Once the practitioner receives a YES! from the soul to continue, they then connect to god source, divine source energy. The practitioner opens a channel from source energy and at this time says a prayer or request. I usually say something like, “May this healing session be for the highest good of my client. I invite the spirit guides who have the highest good for me and my client so we may begin the healing. If there is an ascended master or archangel working with this client, may they also step forward? I now call in my guide, St. Germain to facilitate this healing as well.”

The practitioner then channels higher vibrations to affect the auric field. These vibrations support depletion, release blocks, and assist with the overall alignment of the client. the practitioner becomes a bridge between matter and spirit.

I then begin the session by opening the auric field and assessing the chakras. Once I complete the hour-long protocol, making adjustments as needed for the client, I ground the client and close the auric field.

What is it like to receive energy healing

I know there are many unique ways to give and receive energy healing. I prefer to do Esoteric Healing sessions distant and not in person as it allows me and the cent to be comfortable at home while the session is taking place. Some clients do feel the energetic movement of the energy healing, they may have memories arise, they may see colors, or they may even take a nap to help the healing session process as it is happening.

Some clients will feel immediate shifts physically, emotionally, mentally, and/or spiritually. Sometimes, it does take a day or two for the shifts to be felt.

If you’d like to dive deeper into this topic watch my youtube video or listen to the Guidance From Within episode.

Youtube Episode

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I hope you enjoyed reading about Esoteric Healing and the thought behind how energy healing works. If you want to chat or have some stories you wish to share, please send them my way!

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