Exploring Your Past Lives

Do you have a feeling or just know that you’ve been here before? That this isn’t your first time on the earth?

Reincarnation is a belief that one soul lives many lives in many different bodies throughout time. There are many ways we can find more information about our past lives and what experiences our soul has had through different incarnations. So let’s dive in to a few of them!

Akashic Records

My favorite way to learn about past lives is through the Akashic Records. These records are an energetic vibrational library each soul has. It contains information from every experience we have had through out incarnations. The Akashic Records can show us our souls journey through time and the lifetimes that are most important for our growth today. By opening the Akashic Records, we have access to many things like: chatting with our spirit guides, seeing our past lives, and even seeing options for our future. If you are interested in learning more, I do offer channeled sessions here.

Esoteric Healing

Another way we can learn about our past lives is through energy healing. Often the soul is healing from layers of past life trauma or illness in this current life. Energy healing allows us to heal those deeper layers holistically. Specifically, Esoteric Healing works with all timelines of the soul. If your energy healer is also very intuitive, they may see glimpses in their mind’s eye that tells them what you are healing from as it is related to a past life experience. If you’re curious to receive an Esoteric Healing session click here.


Meditation is another way we can experience past life memories surfacing. By observing and allowing space for these memories, they may easily begin to appear. There are many past life meditations you can participate in for free on youtube or even podcasts. Although it may take some training and practice, it is very possible you will receive glimpses of the past lives you are deeply connected to in this on during mediation.


Our dreams may very well allow us to see past life memories. In that vulnerable unconscious state, memories may start to crop up. The ones where we are seeing through different eyes or are inhabiting a different body tends to be a soul memory being shown to you in the dream state. Feel free to ask your soul for more insights into your past lives before bed every evening, see what you experience! “Dear soul, I’d like to become consciously aware of my past lives. Please send me some memories I may enjoy while in my sleep state. Thank you!”

Some past lives of mine are:

I’d like to share my experience with seeing my past lives. There are many, but a few you may enjoy reading about are below.

Sounds healer in Atlantis- being able to use the vibration of my voice to help bring a person back into alignment in their energetic anatomy. You can learn more about my past life in a previous blog post right here.

A past life I spent in New Grange Ireland.

A time when my soul was living around Stone Henge and practiced worship there.

My soul incarnated in ancient Egypt, working at one of the temples and holding sacred space.

I was once murdered by my husband and pushed down a well! That one was a huge healing moment for me. I did have to relive it during an Esoteric Healing session to heal from it. I also know I have died from childbirth and that caused me to have to do some deep sacral chakra healing during this current lifetime.

If you’d like to dive deeper into past lives and hear some other stories shared, you can watch the video on youtube or listen to my podcast episode Past Life Memories and Healings on Guidance From Within.

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I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my own past lives. I encourage you to be open to asking and receiving your past life memories. If you want to chat or have some stories you wish to share, please send them my way!

heartofbirtt@gmail.com @heart.of.britt Instagram

Much love,


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