Energy Healing for Your Bleed

I’ve never liked my moon cycle. I know, I know how un-spiritual of me. She hurts, she bloats, she cramps, and she makes me over-emotional. The worst of all, girls are told to, “take some pain reliever and suck it up”. So, who do those girls turn into? Adults that, “take some pain reliever and suck it up”. So, why would anyone like their cycle?

Until recently, I’ve never tuned into my cycle and kept track of her. She’s always just been there… showing up when it’s the least convent for me. After learning how to give myself Akashic Record Readings, I was told to pay more attention to my cycle and how it makes me feel. Not the three to five days once a month cycle, but the cycle our bodies have for an entire month.

So here I am, starting to journal how I feel based on the moon. I purchased Dr. Ezzie Spencer’s book, Lunar Abundance to give a basis for this new self-study. April 22, 2020, is a New Moon and I will be doing my very first moon ritual. My spirit guides have asked that I pay more attention to the energetic changes my body has between the moon phases and itself. After setting the intention to do this, I woke up this morning with horrible cramps. I took some pain relief and noticed zero change. I lay there on my couch trying to watch TV and thought, “Why am I trying to force the pain to go away by not paying attention to my body?”. This question created what I am outlining below- a mini guide to (hopefully) helping you feel better during your period.

I turned the TV off, hovered both of my hands a few inches above my sacral chakra (in between the hip bones), and asked my angel (yes, you have one of those) to help bring love through my hands, to help me release this pain, and to help me heal. After this energy healing session, I received guidance to take a hot shower. I immediately did. I was then guided to massage my body- all parts! I took my time under the hot water, imaging the water was from God healing me as it washed over me. I asked that my hands be charged with God’s love as I massaged every inch of my body.

After about a 15-minute shower with a massage, I got out. I realized the pain was gone and I had a huge emotional release. Yes, this means I cried. I looked into the mirror and cried. All that my body was screaming at me was to take time to listen to it- not drown it out with the TV on. All my body needed me to do was touch it, let it know I was listening and I heard the cry for balance. I realized during this time of crying that I had been ignoring myself for years. Taking pills to not feel the pain my body expressed every month, watching random TV episodes to ignore the pain, or pushing through it in some way. Although I do gentle yoga to help during my period, it doesn’t always help. So here I am, a few days away from my first moon ritual, starting my moon cycle, and for the first time in my life appreciating the pain that comes from the bleeding. The pain has always been asking me to tune into my body and listen.

The following is to help you be intentional about your period pain. Allow the body to feel pain but then help it to heal. This is a guide to help feel more in tune with your body and let it speak directly to you about what it needs.

Energy Healing for Menstrual Cramps:

1) Get into a shower or Epsom salt bath

2) Holds hands about 6 inches from Sacral Chakra

3) Ask your angel to help heal you. Ask that love and healing light flow through your hands to: balance the chakra, heal the pain, and calm the Uterus & Fallopian tubes.

4) Hold this intention for as long as you need it. You’re energy healing! Start noticing the changes happening within your sacral chakra and body in general.

5) Start massaging the body. Keep the intention that your hands are giving off love and healing. This is to help you bring sensation back to other areas of the body and relax tense muscles. Massage every part! Face, shoulders, breasts, lower back, thighs, calves, feet, etc.

6) Relax for as long as you need under the hot water.

7) Dress comfy, and relax with hot tea.

Many blessings and get creative! Let your body speak to you about how it wants to heal.

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