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Esoteric Energy Healing Practitioner since 2011. Akashic Record Reader & Teacher. Certified Coach. Certified Yoga & Meditation Instructor. Inner Child Healing Mentor. 

I'm Brittany. 

Welcome Dear Soul, 

Empower Your Divine

6 Week Group Mentorship for the Modern Day Mystic 

6 Week Group Mentorship for the Modern Day Mystic 

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In this 12 minute video I teach you step by step my top two methods for connecting to your soul and energy daily. Practice with me as often as you'd like and witness how it changes your life for the better. 

P.S Everyone can do this, no matter where you are on your journey. 

Explore your Soul & Aura energy with me


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Energy Healing sessions, Self Expansion courses, Spiritual life coaching and lots of freebies! 

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The Guidance From Within purpose is to bridge the seen and unseen worlds of our reality. To reveal the mystical yet very real world we live in. From interviews and meditations to heart-felt channelings, welcome to the conversation. 


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Guidance From Within

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“She is a conduit for accessing divine knowledge and her readings are a gift that can bring inner knowing, healing, and transformative growth.”

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Jeni H. 

OYW is a safe space to heal with your inner child and move forward in authentic empowerment. 

OYW is a safe space to heal with your inner child and move forward in authentic empowerment. 

Open Your Wings: guide
to inner child healing


Whether you feel like you've left your childhood behind too soon, experienced events that caused you to grow up too fast, or feel ready to heal wounds you have previously preferred to push away, this is for you. 

I'm so glad you're here. 

I'm Brittany. I've dedicated my journey to holding space for those seeking a deeper connection to themselves and the multidimensional world around them. If that interests you, click below to read more about how I got to where I am today. 

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How Spirit Speaks: Signs from the Universe

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Explore your Soul & Aura Energy with Me

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Looking for a quick go-to Chakra Guide? Download this one for free! I've spent over ten years working with the main seven body chakras and I am excited to share some of that knowledge with you. 

BONUS: this PDF also includes my top tip for developing your sensitivity to your auric field. 

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This free download includes my favorite journaling prompts to help you discover your passions and purpose(s). It's a beautiful process to get to know yourself and explore your interests! 

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Book a 30 minute discovery call for my 3 month spiritual life coaching container- The Bright You.